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Dr. Petra EsfeldDr. Petra Esfeld
Petra founded CliPS – Clinical Project Services® in 2012 after spending 11 years with CROs and sponsors, working in monitoring and project management for international studies. As a non-medical practitioner of psychology, Petra has not only a wealth of experience in clinical research, but also specialist knowledge of the field of psychology. This combination of skills allows her to stay on course even in the most critical phases of a project, without ever dropping the ball on process requirements or interpersonal relations. (Go to profile)
Dr. Ingo RathDr. Ingo Rath
Ingo is responsible for GCP training at CliPS – Clinical Project Services®. He has many years of experience in developing training concepts that are tailor-made to meet the needs of learners. Because he has also held leading roles in monitoring and quality management at CROs, over the years, he has become a GCP expert – a master of both theory and practice. (Go to profile)
Dr. Viktoria PavelDr. Viktoria Pavel
Viktoria's main focus at CliPS – Clinical Project Services® is on her longstanding specialty: the project management in clinical trials. In addition, her previous work at CROs allowed her to gain experience in clinical monitoring and medical writing. As a former SMO manager she also has the valuable ability to look at clinical trials through the eyes of investigational sites. (Go to profile)

Prof. Dr. Dr. EversProf. Dr. Dr. Stefan Evers
Stefan is our medical consultant at CliPS – Clinical Project Services®. He is also the medical manager of the GCP training courses. As an internationally renowned Specialist in Neurology, Special Pain Therapy, and Intensive Care, he has first-hand clinical research experience, as well as an impressive professional network. He is Chief Physician at Lindenbrunn Hospital in Coppenbrügge and Professor of Neurology at the Medical Faculty of the University of Münster. (Go to profile)
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