WindradThe Earth only has limited fossil fuel reserves. That is why we at CliPS – Clinical Project Services® endeavour to use resources sustainably. As part of these efforts, we have made the decision to source 100% of our electricity from renewable energy sources.
Our supplier, Stadtwerke Münster, was awarded a Gold Certificate from Grüner Strom Label e.V. because their eco-energy tariff "Münster: natürlich" does more than just provide energy from 100% renewable sources. One cent per kilowatt-hour goes towards developing new renewable energy plants.
Thanks to this special tariff, a 2.4 megawatt wind farm has been built very near us, providing green energy for about 1500 homes (see photo on left – October 2014).

NachhaltigkeitWhen a training course is held on the premises of the course provider, all participants have to travel to attend, and some of them may have to travel large distances. Our on-site training concept, "GCP Mobile", limits the number of people who need to travel for the training to the one or two consultants who will be leading it.
Unfortunately, this resource-efficient concept cannot be implemented using public transport alone. However, we take great care to choose vehicles with low fuel consumption for our GCP Mobile service. Our “GCP-mobiles” are some of the most fuel-efficient compact cars available.

Update 2020: We are carefully monitoring the development of car models with alternative powertrains but we have not yet identified a concept that realistically meets the needs of the way we provide our services and also takes into account the (not yet) available recharging infrastructure. For the time being we therfore increase our efforts to use trains and public transportation in order to reduce our carbon footprint. This has already resulted in a considerable decrease of our car use. In addition, we currently use a mild hybrid model and we still aim to switch to a car with yet less or even no emission at all as soon as this is feasible for us.  

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